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Nada El Masriya – Biography

“Nada El Masriya is the Ambassador of Egyptian Dance in Canada.” – Fifi Abdou

“I saw Samia Gamal’s elegancy tonight when Nada El Masriya
was performing”. – Dr George Sawa


Native Egyptian Nada El Masriya grew up belly dancing fully immersed within the rich cultural and historical environment of metropolitan Cairo. Her first formal dance training began early, with her high school’s folkloric troupe. At Cairo University, Nada earned a degree in Egyptian Law, minored in the History of Egyptian Culture and Dance Traditions, and worked as dancer, assistant instructor and stage director for the Law College’s folkloric troupe. Trained in the Cairo University under the tutelage of Hisham Saleh. She was also selected for the honor of representing Cairo University at the Ismaliya International Folklore Dance Festival twice.

At early age Nada began her intensive training and performance with the prestigious Reda Troupe School (Egypt’s first and most famous folkloric dance company) as well as many of the Egyptian masters and soloists with the Reda Troupe. Nada’s mentors included the venerable Mahmoud Reda (founder, choreographer, and artistic director of the Reda Troupe), Hisham Saleh. Nada was also guided and inspired by Aida NourHassan Khalil, Mohmed El Hosseny, Hassan Afefe, Fifi Abdou, Nagwa Fuad and Randa Kamel.

Nada toured across Egypt performing in over one hundred performances including full length shows such as El Hassad, Isis and Osiris, Weffe El Nil, and Folklore Egypt. Nada emerged from her experiences with the Reda Troupe with a remarkably expressive and elegant style, winning her many dance awards within the Egyptian Folkloric community.

Over the course of her professional career in Egypt, Nada danced numerous times for several Middle Eastern Royal Families, and members of the Egyptian government during “6th of October” ceremonies. Nada also performed several times on National Egyptian television, most notably on the weekly national cultural events program Layali TV, as well as El Touroth El Masri Channel 2, and Al Masriya TV. She has also given performances accompanied by well known Arabic singers such as Nadia MostafaAli El Hagar, Hesham Abass, Hakim, Mahmmed El Helw, Latifah, Anoushka, Mohamed Tharowt, Nadiah Mostafa, Ahmed Adwyeh, Sahar Hamdi, Mohamed El Azaby and Sameer El Skadrany.

Nada give her first workshop at Cairo University in 1995, to a song by Nagaat El Sagheriah.

In 2000, Nada immersed herself in six months of intensive ballet training with Diana Calenti.

North America

In 2002 Nada emigrated to Canada inspired by a passionate desire to accurately preserve and pass on her rich historic native Egyptian culture. In order to bring her dream to life, she immediately began teaching classes in her native Egyptian dance traditions to warmly receptive Western students. Nada gave her first Canadian workshop on Egyptian Belly Dance in Prince George, B.C. at the Multicultural Heritage Society.

In 2004, Nada taught in Victoria B.C. at the Aiwa School of Dance on Hagallah.

In 2005 Nada and her Canadian husband David relocated to Toronto, Ontario, Canada, where she quickly became one of the local belly dance community’s leading lights, as a teacher and performer, widely acknowledged and highly respected for her expertise in Egyptian and Arabic Folklore, Music and Culture. Facilitated by Dr. George Sawa PhD, her lecture at York University on a Medieval Baghdadi passage about historic cultural dance was eagerly received by a scholarly audience.
Nada continued to teach many popular classes and workshops in Egyptian Dance and Folklore, and to function as the artistic director, trainer and choreographer of The Rhythm of the Nile Dance Company.In the same year, Nada launched her Toronto based dance company, The Rhythm of the Nile Dance Company, (renamed in 2011 as The Egyptian Dance Company) with co-founder Ioana Timariu.

Nada gave workshops in 2006 at Hannan’s Belly Dance Studio and York University in Baladi, Hagalah and Saidi. All classes and workshops she offered in Egyptian Dance and Folklore sold out in advance.

Beginning in 2007 Nada has represented Egyptian Belly Dance on Canadian TV in Much Music’s “Much on Demand”, Omni TV, and Dance Files.
She also gave workshops on Saidi at Om Layla Studio, and

In 2008, Nada directed and produced The Rhythm of the Nile Dance Company’s first successful full-length production “The Rhythm of the Nile“.
Within the same year, Nada and her husband David bought the Toronto-based Hannan’s Belly Dance Studio, which became known in 2011 as “The Egyptian Dance Academy”.

In 2009, Nada directed, with Abigail co-directing, the major production, Ayyam Zaman – the golden Era of Egyptian Belly Dance
She also served for the first time as a judge on the Toronto Arts Council helping to make decisions regarding grants for over 60 professional dance companies and artists representing such diverse forms of dance as Ballet, Contemporary Dance, African Dance, Belly Dance, Middle Eastern Dance and Afro Brazilian Dance.
Nada also performed for the first time at Toronto’s 2009 Luminato Festival of Arts and Creativity.

In 2010, Nada’s Egyptian Dance Company performed at The Fifi Abdou Show in Oakville, Ontario, organized by Little Egypt and Joharah of Belly Up, along with one of Egypt’s most historically celebrated of belly dance, television and movie stars, Fifi Abdou. Fifi was so impressed with the quality and sincerity of their dancing that she invited Nada and The Egyptian Dance Company to perform again the following night. Fifi, often referred to during her lifelong career as “The Queen of Oriental Dance” graced Nada with the following title:

“Nada El Masriya is the Ambassador of Egyptian
Dance in Canada.” –  Fifi Abdou (2010).

In the same year Nada gave workshops in Kitchener, Waterloo on Egyptian Shimmies and Saidi. She also performed at the Montreal Ahlan Cairo Nights Festival along with famous stars Randa Kamel, Aida Nour and Lubna Emam.

2011 was a busy year for Nada. She teamed up with Little Egypt to bring one of Egypt’s top Belly Dance stars, the dazzling Randa Kamel to downtown Toronto for a weekend of scintillating performances and jam-packed workshops featuring the latest in Egyptian Belly Dance techniques taught by Randa Kamel and hosted at Nada’s Egyptian Dance Academy. Nada opened for Randa’s Saturday night performance, and a selection of some of her most accomplished students to date performed in honor of Randa Kamel on the preceding Friday night.
Also in the same year, Nada opened for Hakim (The Lion of Egypt), dancing to live Qanun music played by Dr. George Sawa PhD at Toronto’s Luminato Festival of Arts and Creativity.

In addition, Nada both performed and lectured on Egyptian Musicality and Dance with Dr. George Sawa PhD and his wife Susan Sawa at The International Council for Traditional Music World Council 2011 (ICTM) held at St. John’s Memorial University in Newfoundland along with the legendary 80 year old classical Riq pioneer Michel Baklouk (aka Michel Merhej), who in the world of Belly Dance is best known for having played during the Golden Age of Belly Dance for Belly Dance superstars Tahia CariocaSamia Gamal and Naima Akef.

Nada presented the third full lenght production for The Egyptian Dance Company’s, “Egyptian Panorama” at the Betty Oliphant theatre in Toronto on March 2012. The production discusses and showcases the Egyptian Revolution and Arab Spring.

In November 2012 Nada taught with Randa Kamel and Aida Nour in Montreal, Quebec.

In May 2013, Nada El Masriya taught and Performed in Dallas Texas with Randa Kamal for Little Egypt. Then taught and Performed in Seoul Korea with Aida Nour at the World Belly Dance Convention.
In June, Nada taught and performed in Cairo Egypt at Salamat Masr.

Since 2013, Nada El Masriya has taught and performed around the world, Korea, USA, Mexico, Egypt and more. Teaching at many popular festivals such as NYCairo and Raks of Course, sharing the stage with many stars, such as Fifi Abdou, Dandesh, Randa Kamel, Tito Seif, Mohamed Shahin, and many more.

Nada is highly sought after as an instructor and performer. Her foremost goal as a teacher of Egyptian Dance is to take her students beyond mechanical technique and to nurture their development into culturally fluent, artistically fluid dancers.

As an artistic director, performer and teacher, Nada employs her unique in-depth insider’s perspective to enrich the hearts and minds of her students and her audiences with an accurate understanding of the rich cultural and historical traditions of her country of origin, Egypt.

Nada El Masriya is the Artistic Director of The Egyptian Dance Academy  in Toronto, Canada’s premier source for Egyptian Belly Dance and Folklore. People from all over North America come to Toronto to take lessons from her.



Private lessons with Nada El Masriya are $90 an hour.
For Semi-Privates, each additional person increases the price by $10 to a maximum of 5 students.
More than 5 students is no longer a private lesson and becomes a class. Contact us for more information about private classes.

Choreography Private Lessons

For Choreography Private Lessons with Nada El Masriya it is $125 per minute of Choreography with a minumum of 1 private Lesson at $90 per hour to teach the Choreography.
Choreography Package 3 – with Nada El Masriya
3 min of Choreo and 3 Private Classes for $600

Nada El Masriya is now teaching Private lessons and Choreography Private lessons online using Skype. Use the form below to book a time with Nada before making your payment in our online store. Purchase Online Lesson

To inquire about Private Lessons contact the Egyptian Dance Academy by phone, 416 462 3498 or by completing the form below.

Native Egyptian Nada El Masriya grew up belly dancing fully immersed within the rich cultural and historical environment of metropolitan Cairo. At early age Nada began her intensive training and performance with the prestigious Egyptian Reda Troupe. Over the course of her professional career in Egypt, Nada danced numerous times for Middle Eastern Royal Families, and members of the Egyptian government. Nada also repeatedly performed on National Egyptian television. Upon moving to Canada, Nada has continued to perform and teach and has reached international popularity.
Nada El Masriya has performed with the Likes of Fifi Abou, Aida Nour, Randa Kamel, Mohamed Shahin and Hakim.

“Nada El Masriya is the Ambassador of Egyptian Dance in Canada.”
Fifi Abdou (Egyptian Belly Dance and Movie Star)

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